Abbie Norris

I am influenced by the native flora and fauna of my home state of North
Carolina, my burning passion for fossil and artifact hunting, and my
fascination of all things creepy and crawly. Much like my many
influences and interests, my art and patterns are also diverse in mediums.
I chose to showcase my many artistic capabilities such as sewing,
pattern making, painting, sculpting, jewelry and metal work, weaving,
and Computer-aided design abilities within creating mixed media work
in a vast range of different applications. I grew up treasuring my odd
collection of Venus Flytraps, North Carolina’s very own state
carnivorous plant. I have also amassed a collection of thousands of shark
teeth, fossils, and minerals collected over my lifetime that I incorporate
into my mixed media and metal work. My hand painted and scanned into
adobe photoshop patters emphasize dynamic movement and a variety of
shapes and colors that vibrate off one another. My versatile and vibrant
patterns would be a beautiful statement piece within a residential,
commercial, or apparel setting.